About Our Centre

Green Pastures Whole Person Development Centre is a professional organization dedicated to promoting inner peace within individuals, and harmony in families, schools and communities through education, counselling, supervision and publication.


We wish whoever encounters us can find their own piece of green pasture to rest their heart and soul.


The Founding of Green Pastures Whole Person Development Centre


The family is everyone’s first and lifelong learning establishment, it is also an important premises for cultivating global citizens. We firmly believe that families who connect with love and effectively handle differences can foster emotionally stable family members who respect themselves and others. Such families can also nurture global citizens who are willing to protect the environment,  care about society, and embrace world peace.


Since its establishment in 2002, Green Pastures Whole Person Development Centre has been rooted in the belief of "Caring for Families" and upholding the principle of "Continuous Growth through Connecting in Love". We are dedicated to providing professional counselling and family education services to individuals and families. Our aim is to support individuals and families in achieving harmonious coexistence with themselves, others, and the environment. Furthermore, relevant training is provided for helping professionals, and the concept of helping others and self-help is fully promoted by "Continuous Growth through Connecting in Love".

Our Belief


We believe that:

  • The power of love originates from within individuals and from the flow of positive energy between people.
  • Connecting with love enables us to nurture and enhance our relationships with ourselves and others, facilitate “Peace Within, Peace Between and Peace Among” people.
  • We all have infinite potentials and the drive for personal growth.
  • Everyone can find their own piece of green pasture to rest their heart and soul.

Our Vision


To sow the seeds of peace and benevolence in our society, to promote a positive attitude towards personal growth and to cultivate a culture of acceptance, respect and support in families, schools, organizations and communities.

Our Mission


Our mission is to share some responsibility in enhancing the spiritual quality of our society by promoting inner peace within individuals and harmony among members of family and community through a range of services, including education and training, counselling, clinical supervision, growth coaching, and publishing books.

Our Services


We provide the following services to various sectors of society:

Education and Training;

Counselling Service and Growth Coaching to individuals, families and communities;

Clinical Supervision to support and guide counsellors, social workers, educators, and leaders in various institutions;

And Publishing Books and Materials.

Our Characteristics



  • All our counsellors and supervisors possess recognized qualifications and rich clinical experience.
  • To ensure service quality, everyone in our team, both frontline professionals and supporting staff, participate in continuous training and development.


Quality Assurance

  • All our counsellors receive regular clinical supervision for their casework.
  • All our training programs undergo professional supervision before launching.


Social Responsibility

  • Although we are a private organization, all our partners share a vision to serve those in need, and has set aside a portion of the operating funds for charity and public welfare activities.


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