Clinical Supervision

We provide individual or group clinical supervision and case seminars for professional counsellors and organizations to enhance their professional proficiency and service quality, promoting the effectiveness of counselling. Additionally, we offer supervision for professional clinical supervisors as well (supervision of supervisors).


Service Content:

  • Assisting counsellors in conducting comprehensive self-assessment and case assessment.
  • Developing counselling/therapy plans and monitoring and reviewing progress.
  • Providing guidance and reinforcement of counselling skills.
  • Offering skill demonstrations and practice sessions.



  • Counselling service providers: counsellors, social workers, psychologists, teachers, pastors, professionals, etc.
  • Counsellors-in-training who are required to seek supervision and evaluation in their case work.

Mode of Service


About our Chief Clinical Supervisor


Dr. YUNG TSANG Sun May Grace, our Chief Clinical Supervisor, is one of the senior clinical supervisors in Hong Kong and is recognized as a pioneer clinical supervisor by the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association and the Hong Kong Satir Center for Human Development. She has organized and led numerous clinical supervision training courses in Hong Kong and other cities. Dr. Grace Yung is also a scholar and practitioner in the field of clinical supervision, being the world's first scholar to study Satir’s clinical supervision.


Dr. Grace Yung regularly provides supervision for our counsellors and clinical supervisors to ensure service quality.

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