Counselling Service


What kind of counselling services does Green Pastures Whole Person Development Centre offer?
We provide professional counselling services in the areas of individual, family, pre-marital, marital, children, adolescent, parent-child counselling, and psychotherapy for emotional disorders. For more details, please refer to our counselling services page.



Is it possible to arrange an appointment for the same day?
To maintain service quality, all counseling services at our centre require appointments. And same-day appointments may be difficult to arrange. However, we understand that client may have urgent needs, so we will strive to arrange and process appointments as soon as possible.


How can I make an appointment?
To inquire or make an appointment for counselling services, please call 2771 1370 during our opening hours. You can find appointment details in the booking page.



If I have a scheduled appointment but something comes up, can I reschedule or cancel?
Once the appointment is confirmed, the counsellor will reserve the time for you, so please arrive on time for the appointment. If you need to cancel or reschedule the appointment, you must notify the centre at least 24 hours in advance of the original appointment time; otherwise, we may charge according to the original appointment time.


Do you provide online counselling services?

Yes, we do offer online counselling services. However, to maintain service quality and ensure the privacy of clients, all cases need to be assessed by our professional counsellor to determine suitability for online counselling.
For initial appointments, we generally recommend an in-person session first, and after assessment by counsellors and discussion with clients, we would decide if online counselling is appropriate.



Do I need to pay immediately after confirming the appointment? Is a deposit required for booking?
No, payment is not required in advance. We charge fees after the counselling session is completed.


How can I pay?
We accept cash, EPS (Electronic Payment System), cheque, FPS (Faster Payment System), Octopus card and Alipay. (Credit card payment is not accepted.)


Do I need to pay more if we have more than one participant during the counselling session?
The counselling fee is calculated base on the duration of the session, so the number of participants does not affect the fees. For example, the fee for one person booking 1.5 sessions is the same as two people booking 1.5 sessions of time.
*We generally recommend scheduling 1.5 sessions for two people and 2 sessions for three or more participants.


What methods or formats are used for counselling services?
We primarily conduct counselling through face-to-face sessions, and counsellors may use different tools or approaches based on individual cases and situations.



I have financial difficulties. Can I apply for any subsidies on my counselling fee?
Currently, we do not offer fee reduction services. We have different fee categories on our counselling services, and you can choose the one that suits you (For more details). If there are other organizations or groups that can assist or provide subsidies, you may ask them to contact us.


What is the purpose of the information I provide during phone reservations or before the initial session?

The information you provide allows the counsellor to have a preliminary understanding of your situation and prepare for the counselling session. We strictly adhere to confidentiality principles to protect the privacy of service users (except in cases involving court subpoenas) and do not disclose any personal information to external parties.



Can you provide medication or medical certificates?
We are not a medical institution or clinic, so we cannot provide any medication or prescriptions to service users. Our counsellors are not psychiatrists, so they cannot provide medically certified documents.


Can you provide assessments or reports?
The provision of assessments or reports depends on the nature of the assessment and may require additional fees.


How many counselling sessions are usually needed?
It depends on individual needs, but typically, 8 or more counselling sessions are needed. Clients can discuss future session frequency and timing with the counsellor.



Clinical Supervision


How can I make an appointment for clinical supervision services or inquire about pricing?



Outreach Service about training or educational support


How can I make an appointment or getting the quotation for outreach services for training/ educational support?
Please fill out the enquiry form and we will reply with relevant details via email.