Relationship Counselling

(Troubles in Relationships & Enriching Relationships)



Any pair or group of two or more individuals (including couples, siblings, parent-child, friends, business partners, etc.) who wish to enhance or improve their relationships and learn effective communication and conflict resolution methods.



  • Clarifying each other's expectations and perspectives
  • Identifying individual resources and acknowledging contributions
  • Managing emotions to enhance relationships
  • Improving communication skills and learning effective communication methods
  • Handling differences and conflicts responsibly, both for oneself and others
  • Resolving conflicts or contradictions between each other
  • Employing effective coping strategies to navigate changes or crises during different stages



Members willing to participate could attend the counselling sessions together. Individual sessions can also be arranged as needed.


(Counsellors available for this service: Dr. Grace Yung, Ms Esther Lau, Ms Gladys Chiu, Ms Olivia Cheung, Ms Sarah Lai)