Pre-marital & Marital Counselling

Green Pastures 《「緣路同行」Pre-marital Counselling Program》


Couples who are planning to get married:

  • Building a solid foundation based on the strengths of each individual
  • Clarifying personal and relationship growth directions and learning strategies to enhance the relationship
  • Balancing selfhood, intimacy, and personal space
  • Preparing for the marital stage


  • Exploring the impact of family of origin and past experiences on both individuals
  • Enhancing communication skills and learning effective ways of expressing emotions
  • Clarifying perspectives, aspirations, and concerns about marriage
  • Effectively dealing with differences and building a harmonious relationship
  • Identifying and addressing obstacles that hinder relationship development
  • Family planning (including child-rearing and financial arrangements)
  • Addressing matters related to wedding preparations
  • Discussions on faith or other relevant topics


Both individuals will complete a questionnaire individually, followed by in-person joint counselling sessions. Individual sessions may also be arranged at suitable times.
※ Recommended number of sessions: It is suggested to allocate 8 sessions, with each session lasting 1.5 units (75 minutes) of counselling time.


(Counsellors available for this service: Dr. Grace Yung, Ms Esther Lau, Ms Gladys Chiu)



Marital Counselling



Couples who wish to enhance their relationship, infuse nutrients and vitality into their marriage; or couples facing various changes, challenges, and impacts in their marriage, feeling confused, lost, and uncertain.



  • Enhancing understanding of oneself and one's partner
  • Exploring the history of the relationship and individual inner processes
  • Finding the foundation of the relationship
  • Improving communication and interaction
  • Reducing destruction and harm
  • Managing differences and avoiding conflicts
  • Learning methods to care for oneself while also considering the partner and the relationship
  • Discovering ways to nourish oneself and the relationship
  • Rebuilding the relationship and establishing a second spring in the marriage


(Counsellors available for this service: Dr. Grace Yung, Ms Esther Lau, Ms Gladys Chiu, Ms Sarah Lai, Dr. Samantha Yung)



Both partners attend face-to-face counselling sessions together, or one partner can have individual sessions first.



Prepare/Enrich assessment (Premarital and Marital relationships)


The PREPARE/ENRICH Assessment is a research-based relationship assessment tool widely used internationally for premarital and marital relationships. It is administered in the form of a questionnaire and comprehensively assesses the relationship from multiple perspectives. It helps couples gain a thorough understanding of their relationship, including aspects such as personality, communication, and conflict resolution patterns. The assessment aims to identify strengths within the relationship and areas that require growth and development.


(Counsellors available for this service: Ms Sarah Lai)