Family Therapy


Individuals who wish to enhance or improve family relationships, with two or more family members willing to attend the counselling sessions. The goal is to explore resources, address barriers, learn effective ways of expressing and receiving love, and build a more harmonious and supportive family system.



  • Clarifying each family member's expectations and perspectives on the family
  • Identifying the resources of each family member and acknowledging their contributions
  • Enhancing communication skills and learning effective ways of expressing and receiving love
  • Effectively dealing with differences and taking responsibility for oneself and others
  • Addressing conflicts among family members (including intergenerational relationships, in-laws, extended family, etc.)
  • Effective parenting methods
  • Developing effective coping strategies to navigate transitions or crises that arise in this stage



Family members willing to participate could attend the counselling sessions together. Individual sessions can also be arranged for family members as needed.


(Counsellors available for this service: Dr. Grace Yung, Ms Esther Lau, Ms Gladys Chiu, Ms Olivia Cheung, Ms Sarah Lai)