Self-exploration & Growth Coaching

Target: Individuals of all ages



  • Building self-confidence
  • Effective self-management (including managing thoughts, time, finances, emotions, etc.)
  • Improving communication skills and establishing/maintaining healthy relationships
  • Finding direction or solutions during times of confusion
  • Clarifying responsibilities and leveraging strengths within one's capabilities
  • Embracing change and making choices that are suitable for the present moment



In-person or online counselling sessions*, utilizing methods such as art, writing, body experiences, etc., to gain deeper self-understanding and make appropriate choices for the present moment.

*Online counselling sessions will be conducted after assessment by the counsellor and discussion with the client to determine if it is suitable.



(Counsellors available for this service: Dr. Grace Yung, Ms Esther Lau, Ms Gladys Chiu, Ms Olivia Cheung, Ms Sarah Lai, Dr. Samantha Yung, Dr. Au Mei Lan)