Counselling Service

We offer professional counselling and psychotherapy services for individuals, families, couples with premarital and marital issues, children, adolescents, individuals with parent-child relationships, and people with emotional challenges.

Through the counselling process, we aim to help clients gain a deeper understanding of themselves, listen to their inner voice and respond to their own needs, effectively enable them to manage their own emotions and behaviour, build harmonious relationships with others, utilize their resources to cope with difficulties and challenges, as well as leading a more fulfilled life.


We also provide growth guidance for individuals of different ages, assisting them in surpassing themselves and living more relaxed and comfortable lives in various stages of life.


What situations are suitable for receiving psychological counselling services?


Individuals who wish to improve their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, achieve inner peace, cultivate harmonious relationships, or seek self-improvement can all benefit from the process of professional psychological counselling, allowing them to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life.


When facing difficulties and challenges in life, experiencing emotional distress, needing to find a way out of a dilemma, seeking empowerment, or gaining clarity in the direction forward, counselling can also assist the individual in exploring new possibilities and regaining strength.