Our Clinical Staff

Dr. AU Mei Lan

Special Education Consultant
Education Therapist

  • Senior educational consultant, therapist, teacher, and parent training facilitator.
  • With nearly 40 years of experience in the field of education, currently providing professional assessments and offering effective strategies to improve the academic performance and emotional well-being of students with learning difficulties and behavioural issues across different age groups.
  • Supporting parents in effectively nurturing and assisting children with special needs.
  • Dr. Au has received training under Professor Feuerstein from Israel and holds professional qualifications in assessing and enhancing cognitive abilities and training attention. Particularly skilled in improving cognitive function and enhancing the quality of life for working professionals, the elderly, and individuals undergoing cancer rehabilitation.


Apart from educational therapy and counselling, Dr. Au also delivers lectures and conducts training sessions for professionals and parents in schools and various organizations.


Gender Female
Professional Qualifications Ph.D. in Education (Special Education), University of Manchester (UK)
M. Ed. in Education (Special Education), University of Manchester (UK)
Bachelor of Education (Hon.) in Special Education, University of Nottingham (UK)
Certified Trainer & Instructor: Learning Potential, Cognition & Attention (Feuerstein Institute, Israel)
Certified Assessor: Learning Potential Assessment (Feuerstein Institute, Israel)
Attachment Certificate Training in utilizing the Attachment Theory
Languages Cantonese, Mandarin and English


Dr. Au has worked in the educational field for 40 years as a teacher, university assistant professor, consultant, and therapist to help individuals overcome their difficulties in learning, working, and life. She has taught in the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, and Education University of Hong Kong for over 20 years in training teachers of kindergarten, primary, secondary, and special schools. She is also specialized in developing curriculum materials in the area of “helping children with learning difficulties”, and has worked as Course Developer of the “Special Needs in Education” module for the B.Ed.(Hons) degree of the Hong Kong Open University in the 1990s, which is still in use. Before starting her teacher education career, Dr. Au has taught in schools for over ten years, teaching students with different types of special needs.

In supporting students with difficulties in learning, Dr. Au has worked directly with them in a classroom, group, and individual settings. She has also engaged in training parents to help children overcome their difficulties and excel their potentials for over 20 years.


Dr. Au’s areas of expertise included cognitive development to enhance learning potential; curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment approaches to cater for diverse learning needs; analyzing student’s learning needs and cultivating their learning opportunities in the classroom. She has given numerous talks in schools and professional agencies in Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas to professionals and parents.


In striving for excellence to help individuals with difficulties in learning, working and life, Dr. AU has pursued the Feuerstein Methodology developed by Professor Feuerstein (Israel) in raising one’s learning potential since 2005 and is the first qualified trainer of the Feuerstein Methodology in the Greater China regions. In 2013, Dr Au took the Attachment Certificate Training in utilizing the attachment theory and assessment to analyze the relationship between parents and young children. She also took the Satir Growth Model in 2012-2014 in the Green Pastures Whole Person Development Centre, which further enriched her in using a holistic approach to take care of her clients.