Our Clinical Staff

Ms. CHEUNG Lai Wan, Olivia

Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor (RPT-S) of United States (Registration No.: S2937)
Certified Marriage and Family Therapist, Hong Kong Marriage and Family Therapy Association

Provide professional individual, relationship, premarital, marriage, and family counselling services, specialize in:

  • Utilizing "Play Therapy" to address adaptation issues and emotional disorders in children during their growth process.
  • Counselling children struggling with emotional and behavioral problems and improving their parent-child relationships.
    These issues may include excessive withdrawal and fear of social interaction, frequent anxiety and need for caregiver's presence, restlessness and sleep disturbances, loss of appetite, low self-esteem and confidence leading to avoidance of new challenges and difficulties, difficulty controlling emotions and frequent outbursts, lack of motivation in learning and fear of attending school, as well as experiencing grief, loss, or family changes.
  • Teenagers who are facing issues related to self-image, interpersonal relationships, and emotional growth

    Apart from counselling work, she also provides relevant training and facilitate workshops for other organizations/ schools, as well as conduct seminars for teachers and parents.


Gender Female
Professional Qualifications Master of Social Work (Children, Adolescents and Families), The University of Alabama (US)
Diploma (Hons.) in Counselling and Psychology, HKSYU
Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor (RPT-S) of United States (Registration No.: S2937)
Professional Certificate Course-Individual and Family Therapy using The Satir Model (our centre, Cert 1)
Certified Marriage and Family Therapist, HKMFTA
Guest Lecturer at the Department of Special Education and Counselling, Clinical Supervisor for the Master of Education in Educational Counselling program, EdUHK
Clinical Supervisor for the Master program of Social Sciences in Youth Counselling, HKBU
 Languages Cantonese


Ms. Olivia Cheung graduated from The University of Alabama with the Master of Social Work degree, specializing in "Children, Adolescents and Families" in United States.

Olivia holds a Professional Certificate in Individual and Family Therapy using the Satir Model. Olivia completed the certified play therapy training under the Association for Play Therapy, United States. Olivia is a certified marriage and family therapist in Hong Kong, she holds a Honor Diploma in Counselling and Psychology.

In recent years, Olivia is a guest lecturer in universities and a fieldwork supervisor to supervise Master program counselor-interns in practicum work.

Olivia worked as a social worker in social services organization and schools in Hong Kong for 20 years. She has lived and studied in the United States and New Zealand, where she has insights into the excellence of multiculturalism and local education.

She is dedicated to promote the parent education and parent-child relationship, assist parents to understand their children’ inner world and growth needs through lectures, workshops, parent groups and consultations which enrich parents' satisfaction, effectiveness, confidence and skills in parenting.